New Spirit is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to help communities and people who are in need.  We provide opportunities for those who are less fortunate and guide them to become more self-sufficient. Since the creation of our organization, the goal has been to assist those who have experienced misfortune in life.  Love has been the driving force behind our actions in hopes that through love, we can lift spirits and change lives. New Spirit continuously hosts special events dedicated to providing specific items in need to specific charities or families in the local communities and surrounding areas. Through  experiences and personal trials, New Spirit has developed a belief system that if achieved, a profound impact can be made on ones spirit that will be carried through endlessly to others through generations. The first part of the system is to have a relationship with GOD, the second, the spirit of mastery, the third, the spirit of belonging, the fourth, the spirit of independence, the fifth,  the spirit of generosity, the sixth,the spirit of forgiveness, the seventh, the spirit of love, and finally, the eighth, the spirit of believing. Our mission is to provide hope, help, and happiness to those who are having a hard time believing in second chances filled with opportunity. New Spirit strives to keep inspired by the "pay it forward" theory where when we do our part, others learn to get back on their feet and then, help another.
In times of need, or to be a part of our mission, please contact us at or call 909/910-5005 or 951/659-3100.

Please help support New Spirit Love non-profit organization by visiting our store in Idyllwild, CA. We sell may items at wholesale prices and are the only distributor in the area for Earth and Earthies shoes. You may also make a personal donation if you so choose. You can contact us via email, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or call us at 909/910-5005 or 951/659-3100. Thank you so much for your love and support!
God Bless!

"It's all about the LOVE!!"

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